Sugar free Vanilla and Cashew Vegan Cream

Sugar free Vanilla and Cashew Vegan Cream

How did this all start

So I knew I really needed a vegan cream for trying out my first Thanksgiving recipes. There was just so much I wanted to do! This was a couple of weeks ago, of course! I’m just bit late in posting this as was away on little holiday and then life got in the way:)

Dessert is always one of the most important things for me. It can make the evening more enjoyable after all day prepping and cooking up all the other stuff. To decorate my pumpkin pie, I was in desperate need of vegan cream, that you could easily make at home, in a relatively short time. That’s how my hunt for inspiration began.

I’ve never done my own version of a vegan cream before, so needed to get some idea how to go about it.  And how much and what other ingredients, apart from the cashews, I would need. There seemed to be a tons and tons of recipes that were all very similar. And I wasn’t really taken with any of them especially. Though I did note the rough quantities of nuts used and what people tend to put in the cream. I would do my own tweaking anyway. But the problem was, that everything was telling me that I need to pre-soak the nuts overnight. And I really didn’t have the time for that! What to do now?!


Vegan cream instantly, nearly

It got me thinking, cashews are pretty soft nuts, aren’t they? And maybe in an emergency like this, only a few hours of soaking could also prove helpful and suit my needs. It is all trial and error usually. And so I decided to soak my cashews for about 3 hours, which would give me enough time to do all the other cooking and baking I was doing that day. Sounded like a good plan!

And guess what? It worked so well!! I was so chuffed I couldn’t believe how tasty the cream turned out to be! Though I confess it wasn’t as smooth as it could have been. Next time I’ve gotta plan more ahead. And I’m also going to try blanched almonds instead of cashews for change. Should be as delicious as the cashew one I think!

Don’t forget that you can use this in our Creamy Pumpkin & Lentil soup recipe:

Vegan Cashew Vanilla Cream

15 minPrep Time

15 minTotal Time

Yields about 250 ml


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  • 1 cup organic cashews, soaked for 3 hrs or overnight
  • 10 tbsp Almond Milk
  • 1-2 tsp Vanilla extract
  • 2 tbsp Rice Syrup
  • pinch of salt


  1. Drain the soaked cashews in a sieve and wash them under a tap.
  2. Blend in a high speed blender, carefully adding other ingredients, apart from the milk.
  3. Lastly start adding the almond milk, adjusting the creaminess to your liking.
  4. Store in an airtight jar and use within 10 days.



963 cal


65 g


81 g


21 g
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